Welcome to the future of logistics optimization! If you’re new to UWB (Ultra-Wideband) and omlox, you’re about to discover how these cutting-edge technology can transform your logistics process. UWB is a highly accurate radio technology used for precise indoor location tracking and omlox is an open standard that provides interoperability across different tracking systems and technologies (BLE, RFID, GPS, …).

By implementing omlox with the CorivaHub Lite, you can achieve accurate real-time location monitoring of your assets. The UWB technology offers exceptional locating accuracy up to 30cm, ensuring that you always know the exact position of your assets with the update frequency you need, allowing you to determine in which storage bin or process step an asset is located.

To top it off, the CorivaHub Lite provides an API for developing your own apps or integrating with other third-party applications based on the omlox Hub API. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor your logistics solutions to meet your unique needs. Start optimizing today with the latest, most efficient locating technology available through the CorivaHub Lite.

CorivaHub Lite

Introducing the CorivaHub Lite, the state-of-the-art omlox locating middleware specifically designed for UWB core zones. Experience accurate georeferencing and precise location tracking, essential for numerous industrial applications. With its real-time map view, stay updated with dynamic location changes instantly. CorivaHub Lite also support offline functionality, ensuring functionality even without internet access. Seamlessly integrate with the omlox compliant Hub API, offering standardized data interchange across various systems. Additionally, the CorivaHub Lite supports CorivaTag configuration, allowing for optimized tracking frequency or energy efficiency tailored to your specific needs across all your sites.


High precision Georeference Engine built-in

A UWB system typically delivers location precision with up to 30cm accuracy, making it ideal for highly accurate asset tracking. To visualize this precision on a global map, the local CorivaEngine UWB Core Zone requires an exact georeference, ensuring that the WGS84 coordinates reflect the same high level of accuracy.

The CorivaHub Lite features an advanced georeference engine that guarantees this precision. By configuring the CorivaHub Lite, you can confidently integrate UWB’s accuracy with global positioning standards, providing a seamless and reliable tracking solution that is both locally and globally accurate.

Referenced Core Zone

These highly precise coordinates enable seamless integration across multi-site installations in different locations. Whether you’re managing several facilities or operating in diverse geographical areas, the standardized WGS84 coordinates ensure consistent and reliable location tracking across all sites.

Configuration for CorivaTags

The CorivaHub Lite provides a configuration tool for the CorivaTags in your Coriva UWB core zone to adjust tracking frequency, movement sensitivity and many other parameters via omlox Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) centrally over all connected Core Zones.

CorivaHub Lite Tag Configuration

The key advantage of this capability is the seamless and efficient configuration of CorivaTags across multiple core zones and sites, such as different warehouses. This centralized management ensures uniform performance, simplifies maintenance, and enables quick adaptability to operational changes, enhancing overall logistics and asset management efficiency across your entire logistic process.

Operates completely without internet access

A unique feature of CorivaHub Lite, unlike other Hub implementations, is its capability to function entirely without internet connection. The license is provided as a file and the system can switch to locally stored vector tiles for the background map, supporting very high zoom levels that are neccessary for UWB location precision.

Online and Offline Maps

omlox compliant APIs

The CorivaHub Lite offers an omlox compliant REST API, enabling developers to create custom applications based on the location data of assets. This API allows seamless integration with existing omlox applications, enhancing functionality and providing a versatile platform for tailored asset management solutions.

omlox locating middleware

And many more…

  • Location Providers
  • Trackables
  • Zones
  • Geofences
  • Collisions
  • Remote Procedure Calls
  • Floorplan Overlay

…see the CorivaHub Lite product page.

Shipped with the ZIGPOS StarterKit

We are thrilled to announce, that the CorivaHub Lite is now available in the ZIGPOS StarterKit, bundled alongside the FlowCate Deephub.

The latest CorivaEngine (version 2024.1 and later) shipped with the ZIGPOS StarterKit, supports multiple hub connections, allowing you to seamlessly send position data to multiple hubs simultaneously.


Ready to revolutionize your logistics and asset management? Discover the precision, flexibility, and efficiency of the CorivaHub Lite for yourself. Our ZIGPOS StarterKit, now includes the CorivaHub Lite, provides everything you need to get started with cutting-edge UWB tracking technology.

Contact our sales team today to learn more and begin your journey towards optimized logistics. Let us help you transform the way you manage your assets and warehouses, ensuring you stay ahead in today’s competitive market.