Real time locating for IoT

Position data in 3D - indoor, outdoor and in complex systems in industry (semiconductors, automotive, electrical/ IT, mechanical engineering), medicine, shipping and logistics.

Accurate indoor location of your assets

Coriva, our UWB Real Time Locating System (RTLS) is a scalable service for locating and tracking things in areas inaccessible to GPS. It creates a sensor network on ultra-wideband basis (UWB) and implements the specifications of the UWB-Alliance, IEEE 802.15.4 as well as omlox.

The system consists of mobile devices (CorivaTags), which are tracked, and infrastructure (CorivaSats), which are installed in the locating area. The CorivaEngine determines the position of the mobile devices and makes it available via standardized interfaces. Even distributed and in the cloud.

It determines the position of things within one second and with an accuracy of up to 30cm. This gives integrators and users a real-time overview of their assets, whether indoor or outdoor.



Discover cutting-edge products and services that revolutionize 3D position data tracking in various environments, including indoor, outdoor, and complex industrial facilities. Whether you’re looking to optimize logistics operations, enhance workplace safety, or streamline inventory management, these products and services provide the foundation for efficient and effective asset tracking. Experience the power of UWB technology and unlock the potential of 3D position data for improved productivity and decision-making.

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