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ZIGPOS is a provider of the entire product chain from hardware to software to planning, support and deployment of your real-time location service.

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The application is very simple: The location area will be equipped with satellites. These will be distributed spatially and create a radio sensor network. Within this area ZIGPOS badges and other compatible devices can be located. The position of the devices is determined every second in the Edge Gateway and made available via interfaces. After the browser connects to the Gateway, anything important can be identified, located and tracked. There is no program or app to install. Maps are loaded as background images and can be scaled. Satellites can be easily placed. ZIGPOS badges are assigned to real objects by name, order number, image or optical codes, for example. Whole fleets and huge inventories can be categorized and managed this way. By setting up geo-zones, events are generated upon entry/exit, which can be easily processed by standard logistics or management software.



The ZIGPOS RTLS Server coordinates the positioning of the registered devices and determines positions probalistically using Monte-Carlo Localization, Multidimensional Scaling or simple Triangulation, depending on the desired configuration.


ZIGPOS provides numerous tools for operation, maintenance and analysis of an RTLS installation.From Grafana monitoring to battery status monitoring to over-the-air firmware updates or even a management for updating the latest versions.


The ZIGPOS RTLS provides the 3D position, geofence events or object additional information via standardized interfaces via REST API, Websocket or MQTT in standardized formats, such as GeoJSON or EPCIS. This enables easy integration into existing IT infrastructure.


ZIGPOS helps you to plan your installation: from the definition of the Customer Success Story to the placement of the satellites and the integration possibilities into your existing IT infrastructure.


ZIGPOS provides a RTLS GUI for setting coordinates, managing devices and maps and setting up geozones. All setup steps can also be realized via API calls, so that operation in server clusters is possible.


ZIGPOS provides support before launch and during operation of the real-time location system. From consulting to 24/7 support, all support levels for a smooth operation of our RTLS are possible.


The ZIGPOS real-time location system is a wireless sensor network that enables highly accurate location-based applications in GPS inaccessible areas. The wireless location system consists of mobile and fixed devices. An edge gateway controls the network and provides both applications and interfaces centrally.

The ZIGPOS-Badge

…is a universal communication and location device that turns everyday things into smart IoT objects. Like a smartphone for the Internet of Things, it is the “missing link” between the analog and digital worlds. As a mobile platform, it enables sensor data to be transmitted in both directions within the ZIGPOS wireless network. With its sensors and e-paper display, it is readable by machines as well as humans and can be written over the air.


The ZIGPOS-Satellite

…is a fixed point in the real world. It measures signal travel times to mobile devices such as the ZIGPOS Badge. The determined distances then become positions. ZIGPOS satellites can be powered by battery, PoE, µUSB or DC. The user himself can install the handy device in less than a minute. Neither calibration nor electricians or IT experts are required. Large-scale applications can be started immediately with it!



The ZIGPOS RTLS software handles the sensor network data from satellites and badges and determines the position of the devices in three-dimensional space to within a few centimeters. The software allows updating of the e-paper displays of the ZIGPOS Badges and over-the-air firmware updates of all devices. Numerous standardized interfaces enable easy integration into existing IT infrastructure. Based on this, the ZIGPOS RTLS GUI provides a graphical user interface for the RTLS software and simplifies the use of the RTLS for end users.


The ZIGPOS RTLS GUI visualizes the RTLS installation, allows easy configuration and operation. The GUI can be accessed with any modern browser and allows, among other things, the setting and display of positions and geozones. It offers analysis possibilities as well as update of the e-paper displays of the ZIGPOS badges.

ZIGPOS Positions History Analysis

The ZIGPOS Positions History Analysis allows a visualization of the positions of all devices stored in the database. A heat map represents the most frequent locations of the devices.

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ZIGPOS Software is omlox compliant

Omlox, as the first global industry standard for indoor locating, enables cross-vendor compatibility of location systems.

ZIGPOS hardware is omlox compliant, it can be seamlessly combined with other omlox location systems over the Air Interface.

The ZIGPOS Software is compatible to the omlox hub and can be combined with other location providing systems like RFID, BLE or GPS.

More about omlox

ZIGPOS is your professional RTLS partner

ZIGPOS offers consulting and installation services related to real-time localization systems at scale. We help with the planning of the installation, the system design, the integration and adaptation of interfaces as well as the launch. During ongoing operation, we are available as a partner for support and permanent operation.

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