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Introducing Coriva: The Ultimate RTLS Solution

Coriva - A Powerful RTLS Solution for Precise Asset Tracking

ZIGPOS is a provider of the entire product chain from hardware to software, planning, support and deployment of Ultrawideband (UWB) based Real-Time Locating Service (RTLS).

Our omlox compliant RTLS solution named Coriva, combines Satellites and Tags to provide precise asset tracking and location-based services. Coriva is fully omlox air interface compliant and designed to connect with the omlox Hub.

Full omlox core zone compatibility: From Hub to Air Interface and beyond! Coriva can track 3rd-party omlox Tags. Our Coriva Tags can be tracked with 3rd-party omlox compliant Satellites!

This integration enables the utilization of multiple locating technologies, allowing you to leverage the best available options for your specific use cases. Experience enhanced visibility and efficiency in your operations with our comprehensive RTLS solution, combining the robust Coriva Hardware, powerful software, and seamless integration with the omlox Hub.

Revolutionize your asset tracking and location-based services with accuracy and reliability.

omlox compliant ZIGPOS RTLS Overview

Coriva Engine

The Coriva Engine coordinates the positioning of the omlox Air devices and determines positions probalistically using Monte-Carlo Localization with different locating technologies like Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA)


ZIGPOS offers a comprehensive range of tools to support every aspect of your RTLS installation. Our tools cover various crucial areas such as Satellite Planning, Accuracy Analyzer, Device Monitoring, and over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates.

omlox Hub

The ZIGPOS Coriva RTLS provides all location relevant information via standardized interfaces to the omlox Hub. Additionally, a REST API, Websocket or MQTT in standardized formats, such as GeoJSON or EPCIS, are available. This enables easy integration into existing IT infrastructure.


Our dedicated Field Application Engineering Team is here to provide comprehensive support throughout your installation process. From the initial stages of defining your unique Customer Success Story to ensuring the optimal placement of satellites, our team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and tailor the solution to your needs.


ZIGPOS offers an intuitive RTLS Setup Tool designed to simplify the configuration process of your Real-Time Location System. With this tool, you can easily set up local coordinates, manage devices and maps, and define geozones within your RTLS area. By georeferencing the RTLS area, the tool enables you to calculate global coordinates, facilitating seamless integration with other systems and enhancing interoperability.


At ZIGPOS, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of your real-time location system (RTLS). Our support offerings cover both pre-launch and operational phases, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. From initial consulting to address your unique requirements, to ongoing assistance during operation, we are committed to your success.

Coriva - Our UWB omlox Core Zone

Coriva is an industry-grade, precise, scalable and interoperable Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) that implements the Core Zone of the open location standard omlox. Coriva is designed to comply with omlox Core Zone v2 specifications, ensuring seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. Additionally, we have prioritized enhancing location accuracy to provide you with even more precise tracking capabilities.

Coriva not only fulfills all the requirements specified in the omlox Core Zone v2 specification, but it also offers a range of additional features that enhance your asset tracking experience. This sophisticated and user-friendly solution includes setup with auto-topology, accuracy analyzer, monitoring, and firmware update tools, giving you a comprehensive RTLS solution that is designed to meet your specific needs.

More About CorivaEngine

ZIGPOS Coriva RTLS Software

ZIGPOS offers a comprehensive range of software to support every aspect of your RTLS installation. Our tools cover various crucial areas such as Satellite Planning, device monitoring, and over-the-air firmware updates. With ZIGPOS tools, you have everything you need for seamless planning, operation, maintenance, and analysis of your RTLS installation.

Starter-Kit available


The CorivaEngine is the central component that drives the functionality of the Coriva system. It handles device communication, enabling seamless interaction between CorivaTags and CorivaSats. Equipped with the Locating Engine, the CorivaEngine performs accurate position estimation, providing real-time location data with precision. Additionally, it facilitates over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, ensuring that your system remains up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements. The CorivaEngine also enables seamless integration with the omlox Hub, allowing you to leverage multiple locating technologies and enhance the capabilities of your RTLS installation. With the CorivaEngine at the heart of your system, you can trust in its robust performance and advanced functionality.

Locating Engine

The Locating Engine within our system is a powerful component that utilizes advanced techniques such as Monte Carlo localization and Kalman filter tracking to achieve precise and reliable positioning. By combining these algorithms, the Locating Engine ensures accurate and consistent location estimates, even in challenging environments with potential sources of error. The Locating Engine goes beyond just Monte Carlo localization and Kalman filter tracking, as it is also equipped to handle uplink Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA), downlink TDoA, or Reconstructed Time of Flight (RTOF) techniques. These additional capabilities enable the Locating Engine to support a wide range of locating technologies, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with various system configurations.

Coriva Setup Tool

The Coriva Setup Tool is a user-friendly software application that empowers you to effortlessly plan satellite positions, upload and scale floor plans, and seamlessly connect to the omlox Hub. With the Coriva Setup Tool, you can conveniently define and optimize the positions of your satellites to achieve optimal coverage and performance within your facility. The tool also enables you to upload floor plans and accurately scale them, providing a visual representation of your RTLS environment. Additionally, the Coriva Setup Tool simplifies the integration process by seamlessly connecting to the omlox Hub, ensuring compatibility with multiple locating technologies. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Coriva Setup Tool for seamless setup and configuration of your RTLS system.

Coriva Monitoring

Coriva Monitoring is a powerful tool that allows real-time monitoring of essential system statistics for your RTLS installation. With Coriva Monitoring, you can easily view crucial metrics such as CPU load, RAM utilization, network traffic, and other key performance indicators. This comprehensive monitoring capability provides valuable insights into the health and performance of your RTLS system, enabling proactive management and optimization. By having access to real-time statistics, you can identify potential bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and make informed decisions to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Coriva Monitoring empowers you with the visibility and control you need to maintain optimal performance and maximize the benefits of your RTLS installation.

ZIGPOS Coriva RTLS Hardware

The ZIGPOS real-time locating system (RTLS) is a wireless sensor network that enables highly accurate location-based applications in GPS inaccessible areas. The wireless location system works with time measurement in Ultra-Wideband spectrum and consists of mobiles (the CorivaTags) and fixed devices (the CorivaSats). An Edge Device controls the network and provides interfaces and cloud connectivity.

Our Coriva Hardware is the worlds first omlox Air interface compliant RTLS hardware, ensuring interoperability between different manufacturers.

Starter-Kit available

CorivaTag Plus

The wirelessly rechargeable CorivaTag Plus is an omlox compliant UWB device designed for industrial use and asset tracking with high update rates up to 4Hz. Its robust, shock-resistant, and waterproof design with an IP67 rating allows it to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it a reliable solution for challenging settings.



The CorivaSat is a dedicated UWB device designed for industrial use as the fixed installed infrastructure in the RTLS. It offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability for convenient power supply and is available in a waterproof version with an IP67 rating. With its industrial-grade design and advanced UWB technology, the CorivaSat provides a reliable and robust solution for industrial asset tracking and location-based applications.


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