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First omlox compliant Coriva products from ZIGPOS ready to use

ZIGPOS Starter-Kit

The ZIGPOS Starter-Kit provides a first look at the world’s first omlox-compliant UWB RTLS solution. The starter kit features an integrated omlox hub and cloud monitoring to ensure seamless connectivity and advanced system management. With a 6-month license, you can experience the full functionality of this state-of-the-art RTLS solution.

  • pre-installed
  • directly ready for use
  • 6 CorivaSat
  • 3 CorivaTag Plus
  • 6 Mounting Kit
  • 1 Edge Device
  • 1 PoE Switch
  • 1 wireless charging pad
  • incl CorivaEngine
  • incl Cloud Monitoring
  • incl omlox Hub
  • incl 6 month license
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CorivaTag Plus

The CorivaTag Plus, the worlds first omlox compliant RTLS Tag for Asset Tracking

  • omlox Air 8 compliant
  • wireless charging
  • high update rate
  • directly ready to use
  • Read more…
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The CorivaTag, the worlds first omlox compliant RTLS Tag with long battery life

  • omlox Air 8 compliant
  • long battery life
  • directly ready to use
  • coming 2023
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