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First omlox compliant Coriva products from ZIGPOS ready to use

Coriva - The UWB omlox core zone

Coriva is an industry-grade, precise, scalable and interoperable UWB Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) that implements the Core Zone of the open locating standard omlox. Coriva is designed to comply with omlox Core Zone v2 specifications, ensuring seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. Additionally, we have prioritized enhancing location accuracy to provide you with even more precise tracking capabilities.

Coriva not only fulfills all the requirements specified in the omlox Core Zone v2 specification, but it also offers a range of additional features that enhance your asset tracking experience. This sophisticated and user-friendly solution includes setup with auto-topology, accuracy analyzer, monitoring, and firmware update tools, giving you a comprehensive RTLS solution that is designed to meet your specific needs.

ZIGPOS Starter-Kit

With the ZIGPOS Starter-Kit you will get a full omlox Core Zone Implementation, including an omlox Hub for testing and development phase of your locating project.

The ZIGPOS Starter-Kit provides a first look at the world’s first omlox-compliant UWB RTLS solution. The Starter-Kit features an integrated omlox hub and cloud monitoring to ensure seamless connectivity and advanced system management. With a 6-month license, you can experience the full functionality of this state-of-the-art RTLS solution.

ZIGPOS Starter-Kit

With the ZIGPOS Starter-Kit, you can experience the full functionality of the CorivaEngine.

  • pre-installed
  • directly ready for use
  • 6 CorivaSat
  • 3 CorivaTag Plus
  • 6 Mounting Kit
  • 1 Edge Device
  • 1 PoE Switch
  • 1 wireless charging pad
  • incl CorivaEngine
  • incl Monitoring
  • incl omlox Hub
  • incl 6 month license
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CorivaTag Plus

The CorivaTag Plus, the worlds first omlox compliant RTLS Tag for Asset Tracking

  • omlox Air 8 compliant
  • wireless charging
  • high update rate
  • directly ready to use
  • Read more…
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The CorivaTag, the worlds first omlox compliant RTLS Tag with long battery life

  • omlox Air 8 compliant
  • long battery life
  • directly ready to use
  • coming 2024
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