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User Story: Laserland

A visit to the Laserland Elbepark Dresden resulted from our company party. Probably due to a lack of laser tag game skills, some colleagues stood in the lobby early and waited for the rest of the team to finish the game. There they noticed that on the monitor in the lobby only the score could be observed, but not the actual game action. The development team immediately had the idea of taking a closer look at the laser tag vests. And suddenly, they found out that these vests have a UWB chip, which can be localized with the ZIGPOS RTLS.

After a short consultation with the managing director of Laserland Dresden the use case was clear: With some dev sprints in the next weeks a high speed mode for the RTLS was implemented and our RTLS GUI was placed on the display screen for the waiting guests, on which they can follow the game in real time from now on.