ZIGPOS Satellite

Fix point in the real World


Hybrid (UWB+ISM) Infrastructure Device for the ZIGPOS RTLS

IEEE 802.15.4 UWB for accurate distance measurement

2.4 GHz ISM is worldwide free of license

UWB mode is free of restriction indoors

Compatible to ZIGPOS RTLS Server, Router, Badge and Bracelet

Simple to Deploy - requires neither an electrician nor IT service

Optimized PCB Design

Optimized PCB Design

Available as IP67 Outdoor Version

Available as IP67 Outdoor Version

Plugs for Power Supply

Plugs for Power Supply


The ZIGPOS satellite is a fixed point in the real world. It measures signal travel times to mobile devices such as the ZIGPOS Badge. The detected distances then become positions. ZIGPOS satellites can be powered by PoE, 12 V to 24 V DC or purely by an integrated battery. As a rule, the user can install and set up the handy device himself in less than a minute. Neither calibration nor electricians or IT experts are required.

Technical Specification

Radio SystemsUWB: 3,5-6,5 GHz (supported channels: 2 and 5)
ISM: 2,45 GHz
Power SourcesPoE, 12 V - 24 V DC
or internal Li-Po battery (1500mAh)
SocketsRJ45, DC connector
Data RateUWB: 6,0 Mbit/s
ISM: 250 kbit/s
Radio DistancesUWB: 150 m
ISM: 500 m
Status IndicationRGB LED on front
Size, weight106x106x31mm, 80 g (110 g with battery)
Installationwall mounting
Environmentindoor, -25°C to 40°C (0°C to 40°C with battery)
PeripheralsReed Switch

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