The universal communication and tracking device that turns everyday objects into smart IoT objects


Battery powered e-paper Badge

IEEE802.15.4 communication (UWB & ISM)

Wireless display updates

Rechargeable with µUSB or wireless

Firmware Update Over the Air

Credit Card Size

Credit Card Size

For industrial applications with high-contrast and glare-free display

For industrial applications with high-contrast and glare-free display

easy to charge

easy to charge


The ZIGPOS Badge is a universal communication and location device that turns everyday things into smart IoT objects. Like a smartphone for the Internet of Things, it is the “missing link” between the analog and digital worlds. As a mobile platform, it enables sensor data to be transmitted in both directions within the ZIGPOS wireless network. With its sensors and E-Paper-Display, it is readable by machines as well as humans and can be written over the air.

Technical Specification

Radio systemsUWB: 3,5-6,5 GHz (supported channels: 2 and 5)
ISM: 2,45 GHz
BatteryLi-Ion (450 mAh)
SocketsMicro USB
Data RateUWB: 6,0Mbit/s
ISM: 250kbit/s
Radio DistancesUWB: 150 m
ISM: 500 m
Ranging accuracyup to 10 cm
Status Indication2 RGB LEDs on front
Size, weight95x58x10mm (WxHxD), 46 g
Environmentindoor, 0°C to 45°C
DisplayE-paper (2.7"), 264 x 176 px
Peripherals3 axis inertial sensor
Reed Switch

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