Visitor management

access control and navigation


users: small and medium enterprises, large corporations, trade fair organisers
usecases: locate visitors and manage accesses, navigate
technology: ZIGPOS Badge, ZIGPOS Satellite, ZIGPOS Gateway, ZIGPOS Software
advantages: Visitors find better their way around, accurate knowledge of the location of people outside the company.

Indoor localisation and navigation for visitors

Up the stairs, 2nd corridor on the left and then the 3rd door. Or the third corridor and the second door? In addition to all the other important information, it is often not easy to remember the way to the meeting room and arrive there by the shortest route without getting lost. To simplify orientation for visitors in unfamiliar company buildings, the ZIGPOS system with the ZIGPOS badge is the optimal solution.

Thanks to highly accurate positioning in real time, even in winding, closed rooms, the visitor can always be shown the right way and all other important information via the e-paper display.

Your visitors will feel even better looked after and cared for. Furthermore, the badge is also ideally suited as a means of identification. A photo and personal data can be easily stored.

The ZIGPOS system also gives you as a business owner a secure feeling. Because you know at all times where which visitor is at any given time. You can restrict or release access and easily direct people to the right places.

The ZIGPOS system can also be used at trade fairs. Here, too, people can be easily located and navigated. Digital badges are also possible.