Transshipment points of all kinds


users: ports, airports, logistics centres
usecases: Locate pallets, load carriers, individual products and machines used
technology: ZIGPOS Badge, ZIGPOS Satellite, ZIGPOS Gateway, ZIGPOS Software
advantages: Minimisation of waiting times, turnaround times and costs, efficiency

Real time locating in logistics

Whether shipping or transport by truck: it is enormously important for safety and efficiency to keep track of goods movements and minimise waiting times. Especially when processes reach a certain volume and complexity, it becomes very difficult for people to avoid being overwhelmed. To ensure a safe and efficient process, we at ZIGPOS have taken on this problem.

Our system enables you to locate and identify pallets, load carriers, containers or individual products without a doubt. And this in real time. This means that it is known at any time where which product or pallet is located. Loading and unloading processes can be made more efficient, personnel are networked and waiting times are minimised.

In addition, machines, transport vehicles or tools used can also be localised in real time to speed up the process.