Quick finding saves lives!


users: Medical care facilities, for example hospitals
usecases: Locating medical equipment, access control/time recording for employees, Locating wanted people.
technology: ZIGPOS Badge, ZIGPOS Satellite, ZIGPOS Gateway, ZIGPOS Software
advantages: Quickly find important medical equipment and supplies even in emergencies, quickly locate doctors, nurses and patients.

Locating in Hospitals

Assume that a fire alarm is triggered in the hospital. All the nurses and doctors do their best to evacuate and take care for the patients. But then who remembers where the ventilator was last?

With the help of the ZIGPOS real-time locating system, the device can be found quickly and reliably. This saves valuable time in emergency situations as well as in normal daily hospital routine. You always have an overview of which devices are where and whether they are in use or not. By means of the badges, which are attached to the device, identification and labelling is easy to realise.

Furthermore, the routes of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff can be analysed and, if necessary, operational processes can be optimised.

Beds can also be equipped with a badge and located by the system. This offers an easy way to locate patients after an operation, for example, and to store important patient data on the badge in order to be able to assign the bed.