Vehicle management

Never look for your parked car again!


users: Car manufacturers, vehicle rental, car dealers, fleet management of the public transport, company-owned fleets.
usecases: localise visitors and manage accesses, navigate
technology: ZIGPOS Badge, ZIGPOS Satellite, ZIGPOS Gateway, ZIGPOS Software
advantages: Visitors find better their way around, accurate knowledge of the location of people outside the company.

Fleet management

Car manufacturers or dealers have a large number of identical or similar-looking vehicles in stock. And this is spread over a large area. If a certain car is now being searched for, for example because it is to be refurbished or delivered to the customer, it is necessary to find the right vehicle quickly and easily.

With ZIGPOS real-time locating, this is child’s play. You can see at any time which vehicle is where. Everything can be called up digitally. It is also easy to identify the vehicles via the e-paper of the badge.