Efficiency in material flow and machine utilisation


users: high-tech industrial production, for example automotive or semiconductor industry
usecases: Tracking and control of material flow and machines/work equipment as well as orders, Identification of components.
technology: ZIGPOS Badge, ZIGPOS Satellite, ZIGPOS Gateway, ZIGPOS Software
advantages: Real-time inventory, optimise production flow, reduce costs

Real-time locating in logistics

Making production sustainable and efficient is particularly difficult in large and highly complex industrial plants. RTLS gives you a decisive advantage and makes it possible to monitor production orders in real time, to control material flows or automated transport vehicles with split-second precision and to achieve the greatest possible efficiency. There are virtually no restrictions on the size of the production area. Even several buildings with different floors can be recorded as one area.

The badges represent a variant of identification for material boxes, for example. At the same time, it is possible to keep a digital logbook with automatic bookings.

The number of badges, satellites and gateways depends on the size of the production area required for real-time locating as well as the number of devices or material containers that are marked with a badge. We develop the appropriate system and software according to your individual circumstances and objectives. A connection or integration into your existing software structure is also possible.

Goods carrier management at the company Curt Bauer GmbH

For more than 135 years, Curt Bauer has been designing, producing and distributing luxurious table and bed linen ranges on state-of-the-art Jacquard weaving machines and electronically controlled finishing systems. Curt Bauer has also quickly made a name for itself as a high-quality manufacturer of contract textiles, such as hotel linen or linen for the catering industry. With so-called “airliner textiles”, Curt Bauer equips the first and business classes of major airlines, such as South African Airways. On the West African market in particular, Curt Bauer has been known for almost four decades as the supplier of fabrics used to make the region’s traditional clothing (the Grand Boubous).

The ZIGPOS localization system was used to integrate into the developed goods carrier management using the Rest API in order to realize the following functions:

  • position retrieval of the goods carriers
  • Status of the ZIGPOS badges
  • writing to the eInk displays of the badges, e.g. to block goods
  • better space management, associated reduction of set-up times
  • batch tracking
  • Reduction of the goods carrier search

Result of the proof-of-concept: Successful deployment of the ZIGPOS RTLS as a battery-powered solution. This made it possible to set up a test setting quickly and easily. The ZIGPOS RTLS was integrated via REST-API into the goods carrier management system developed by the Saxon Textile Research Institute e.V. (STFI).

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