Employee management

access control and time recording


users: small and medium enterprises, large corporations
usecases: access control and worktime recording
technology: ZIGPOS Badge, ZIGPOS Satellite, ZIGPOS Gateway, ZIGPOS Software
advantages: Simple and efficient regulation of access restrictions, automatic time recording

A new approach to employee management

The times of countless keys, or any keys at all, are coming to an end. Digitally controlling access is nothing new. But what if you could combine this with the recording of working hours?

With the ZIGPOS system, this is possible without any problems. Employees receive an individualised badge, which also functions as a name tag. When entering the company building and thus the area covered by the system, the working time is automatically started to count. If the area is left, time recording is stopped. This eliminates the need for daily clocking in.

It is also possible to see at any time which employees are in the office.

This is particularly helpful in the event of a disaster. The emergency services can see at a glance whether people are still in the building. Missing employees are quickly located.